F+E smarte Textilien für Medizin, materialtechnische Verbindungen von Textil und Elektronik

weafing logoIdentify new application areas

A research project funded by the European Commission called WEAFING is searching for experts/innovators/outside-the-box thinkers to support us in identifying application areas and use cases for electroactive yarns and polymers – so-called artificial muscles for smart textiles, soft robotics or innovative haptics.

contextOur network members benefit from our project collaboration

The SmartTex network has been included in the EU project COST CA17107 to create a European network for interconnectedness research and innovation efforts for smart textiles. Klaus Richter, project manager of the SmartTex network, is one of two members from Germany.

Hochschule Albstadt SigmaringenSEKT: Participate and gain information

Take part in the survey of the Albstadt-Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences, which deals with experiences and the dissemination of Smart Textiles. How small can electronics still become, and can this miniaturised electronics be fused with textiles and clothing?

mtex 2020 texcycle awardCall for students, trainees and graduates in textile, textile technology, textile design and fashion design

As part of the international textile trade fair mtex+, which takes place on 9/10 June 2020 in the Carlowitz Congress Centre Chemnitz, a competition for young people was launched - the TexCycle Award.

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