F+E smarte Textilien für Medizin, materialtechnische Verbindungen von Textil und Elektronik

logo smarttex portalPublish your special know-how!

It is done: on 14.2. we get online wir our info portal www.smarttex-portal.com online. So should be easier for product developers and producers to find the right partner for the development of prototypes or small series production. WHO offers WHAT special Smart Textiles services?


Interesting visits to Swiss companies, the ETH Zurich and the EMPA

From the 9th to the 11th of September 2018 interested entrepreneurs and researchers traveled with us to Switzerland. And, of course, the visits to companies and institutes involved Smart Textiles, Smart Fibers, Wearables, Flexible Electronics, Textile Sensors and related topics.

weafing logoIdentify new application areas

A research project funded by the European Commission called WEAFING is searching for experts/innovators/outside-the-box thinkers to support us in identifying application areas and use cases for electroactive yarns and polymers – so-called artificial muscles for smart textiles, soft robotics or innovative haptics.


Technical textiles meet lightweight construction

Together with several member companies of the SmartTex network, we presented ourselves at the International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles in Chemnitz on 29/30 May 2018.