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purventus Luftreinigungsanlagen mit UV-Licht gegen Covid19 Much fuss about clean air - Prime Minister at our network member purventus

Air purification systems are an important issue in pandemic times, and schools and nursing homes in particular are looking for solutions. But so far there is no system that is used nationwide, although there are viable technologies that destroy germs instead of filtering them. Our network member, Purventus GmbH, has developed an air purification system that cleans indoor air and eliminates 98 percent of all bacteria, yeasts and viruses, including SARS-CoV2 viruses.

COMPAMED MagazinITP, IPHT and THOREY collaborate to develop glove to support limited hand muscles

The principle of exoskeletons has caused quite a stir in the media. And rightly so, because it will enable paraplegic people, for example, to walk independently again. On a small scale, this was not yet possible or was a bulky affair. Now there is a textile-based solution to support the gripping function of hands:


strickzellaFinally no more moths in the merino wool

PERO, a wool yarn doped with scent, is the world's first wool yarn with built-in reliable protection against feeding by pesky clothes moths (Tineola bisselliella). The process of protecting wool against insects has been developed by Strick Zella in recent years and is patented now. For this purpose, the ultra-fine merino wool fibers are mixed with Lyocell fibers in a very small proportion (3%).

smart textiles masterclass 2021 online15-month programme on smart textile innovations

The expert-curated 15-month programme with 12 webinars (2.5/3 hours each) covers smart textile innovation with a 360-degree approach.



We congratulate on the company anniversary of Helmut Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH and especially the man who founded the company and successfully managed it for over 25 years despite all obstacles. On December 14, shortly after the "Wende", Helmut Peterseim was one of the first to found his own company in Thuringia - Peterseim Strickwaren GmbH. Although even then little future prospects were given to the industrial production of textiles in Germany, Helmut Peterseim had a clear entrepreneurial vision and implemented it together with his wife and a dedicated team.

logo titeraNetwork member Daniela Zavec works in the field of Smart Materials all over the Europe

Dr. Daniela Zavec - owner of TITERA technology consulting - has upgraded TITERA website as part of an E-Business project and now offers the consulting services in an online module which is available in 5 European languages: German, English, Slovenian, French and Dutch. In addition, a showroom is now integrated with a video and a flipping book, where the added value of consulting offer is presented:

what's new in your business?New category: News from the companies

In view of the current corona pandemic, we have learned of several initiatives from companies and institutes that we would like to share with you. We have expanded our website to offer future committed network members another opportunity to present their projects.

thotex maskenThorey Gera Textilveredelung GmbH is now also a certified manufacturer of breathing masks

The company from Gera now offers market-ready masks according to CPA and FFP standards. The masks are developed, manufactured and certified in Germany.

strickzella mundschutz

Strick Zella uses smart yarns for mouth-nose masks with additional function

Thermoregulating, antibacterial and with membrane technology for a high filtering effect and low breathing resistance - these are the special characteristics of community masks from Strick Zella.

thorey FFP MaskenSeries production will start in a few weeks

Thorey Gera Textilveredelung is part of the consortium of companies that developed the mask prototype certified according to the FFP standard. They manufacture components to implement a protective mask according to medical standards from material development to series production.

bffl bauhausSimply cut and assemble visors with the laser cutter

In the Bauhaus Form + Function Lab (BFFL), production data were developed with which visors for the containment of COVIS19 infection can be quickly manufactured from only one material by laser cutter. They are published as open source design and can be used by the general public.

maskenpruefung titvTITV uses rapid test for the testing of mouth and nose masks; subsidiary imbut produces

The textile research institute TITV Greiz has developed a sustainable, washable and reusable mask in combination with a high-quality filter fleece insert and a nose clip for individual adjustment. At present, the textile researchers are working at high pressure on a special mask with a higher filter effect, which can also be used in care facilities and by nursing services.

lederatelier apoldaPET film instead of leather - flexibility has always ensured success

Lederatelier Apolda is now producing face visors in response to increased demand and supply shortages of visors, especially for dental practices. Ingo Treu's employees now punch, glue and assemble visors in places where bags for BREE or MCM are produced elsewhere. But even these are special - thanks to their high wearing comfort and attractive design.