F+E smarte Textilien für Medizin, materialtechnische Verbindungen von Textil und Elektronik

LEG bmwiFederal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) has adopted a 2-billion-euro economic stimulus package

Many of our network members are working on SmartTextiles for the automotive and supplier industry, which has to cope with enormous upheavals: In addition to the high pressure to modernise and further develop, there is now the Covid 19 pandemic. This is why the German government launched an unprecedented economic stimulus programme in the summer, from which you can also benefit.


As a Thuringian entrepreneur, you can:

  • Receive pro rata funding for investments in innovative processes, technologies and plants.
  • receive pro rata funding for product-related research and innovation projects.
  • benefit from the formation of new innovation clusters, if this creates new ecosystems for the exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as through the joint use of real laboratories, for example.

This funding programme thus includes funding for R&D consortia as well as investment grants for the modernisation of your production (Industry 4.0, digitalisation, etc.).

You can find the most important information on the 35c programme at: https://www.cluster-thueringen.de/35c/

Dort werden auch ausgewählte passende Thüringer Projektansätze vorgestellt sowie alle Vorträge von der Infoveranstaltung am 19.2.2021 und Informationen zum Nachlesen. Die LEG will relevante Themen sammeln und passende Akteure zusammenführen. Daher wäre es schön, wenn Sie sich an der Umfrage beteiligen würden: https://eu.questionpro.com/...