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For a research and industry network – across a variety of sectors
We bring together researchers, manufacturers and users, with a focus on creating networks between research institutes and partners from the textile industry and other high technologies.

Selected projects:

greiffunktionSmart clothing and smart textilesfordisability aids

Development of a new type of innovative magnetic fibres and threads and their use as fasteners and fixing systems in knitwear

Innovative flat knit that responds independently to surface pressure from a technical object or the weight of a human body part by fitting snugly to the object or enveloping the object fixing on it when worn

Development of a new type of wound-healing system based on plasma technologies and the use of flat textile plasma electrodes for mobile and stationary use.

Fatigue resistant photochromic materials for textile applications

Production of highly elastic metallised fibres as the basic building block for textile-based electronic components by continuous LASER and electrochemical structuring of metallised monofilaments

Textile silicon solar cells on glass fibre compound systems 

Flexible fibroussensors and actuators on polymers based on piezoelectric polymers