F+E smarte Textilien für Medizin, materialtechnische Verbindungen von Textil und Elektronik

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German-Czech Forum on Smart Textiles in Medicine

Our network manager Daniela Zavec moderated the forum at the Technical University of Liberec/Czech Republic and together with Kathrin Wunderlich made new contacts for the SmartTex network. There was great interest in cross-border cooperation between textile and clothing companies, representatives of the health industry and textile logistics as well as research institutes from the Czech Republic and Germany.

The Faculty of Textile Engineering at the TU Liberec is one of the largest faculties in the EU dealing with textile materials engineering. In international research activities, colleagues from the Czech and German universities and institutes have already been working together successfully for many years. On 4.5.2023 served to deepen contacts with companies and to develop ideas for future projects. The event is part of the activities of the cluster project "health.textil", which is led by the vti and supported by the Saxon Ministry of Economics. 

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