Smarttex Netzwerk: Entwicklungspartner für sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische Textilien

The SmartTex network events and projects are are organized and coordinated by richter+partner GmbH.
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Responsibilities of the network management office

  • Development and organisation of the network, recruitment of new members
  • Public relations, national and international communication
  • Recruiting technology orientated suppliers and customers for the network
  • Preparation and running of workshops, seminars, symposiums and network meetings
  • Collaboration and knowledge exchange with research partners
  • Promoting networking between members, setting up collaborative projects
  • Providing advice on the application process for and monitoring of R&D projects
  • Providing advice on the marketing of products and services
  • Providing advice on developing new product ideas using smart textiles
  • Developing PR and marketing campaigns for new products and services in smart textiles
  • Developing advertising materials for the marketing of products produced by our collaboration partners
  • Providing advice on innovations and business matters to individual collaboration partners
  • Consultants for innovation and marketing accredited by the Thuringia branch of the RKW (the Rationalisation and Innovation Centre for German Business)
  • Accredited company for go-inno innovation vouchers with Euronorm

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