Sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische smarte Textilien

Scientists, developers and entrepreneurs will find a forum for interdisciplinary cooperation at our events.
Take the opportunity to exchange know-how and current scientific findings, to question them, to find development partners - and of course to make contacts.


workshop 9 21Presentations from 16 May now available online

The Smart Materials Summit was a one-day digital event covering all aspects of the smart materials transition, from idea to prototype to product.
You can download the presentations from the Digital Smart Materials Summit as a PDF here:


save date2In September 2023, we will hold a workshop on site

After a longer break, we are planning a new workshop in Weimar on September 26, 2023. The main topic is planned to be:
New solutions with smart textiles for the challenges of climate change and an aging population.

save date2In December 2023, experts for smart textiles and artificial intelligence will meet in Weimar

What are the opportunities and challenges for smart textiles through machine learning? Join us to rethink and discuss the development and use of smart textiles. At the symposium on St. Nicholas Day, there will be no surprises in the boot, but creative input for the mind and business.

inmotion2022 200pxThe team from the SmartTex network initiated and organised the International Smart Textiles Conference.

Smart Textiles experts from all over the world met at the Congress Centrum Weimarhalle and also online to exchange ideas about new technological developments in Smart Textiles.

On the first day of the conference, television was also on site. Here you can watch some reports about the InMotion2022: