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Development of a new type of innovative magnetic fibres and threads and their use as fasteners and fixing systems in knitwear

In the textile industry, magnetic fastener technology is the state of the art. However, until now it has only been achieved by using permanently magnetised materials, thatare also flexible,attached to or embedded in the textiles.Yarns with their characteristic flexibility and feel that can be used in knitwear which have the same magnetic characteristics and are equally effective magnetically are not available on the market. In this project, hard soft and magnetically effective synthetic yarns are being developed, that fulfil the requirements of knitting technology, can cope with the demands of textile care requirements, do not irritate the skin and are no different to other yarns in knitwear in how they can be used.

With the aid of these new materials,whose technical parameters must fulfil the demands of knitting technology, fastenings and fixing surfaces are being developed with totally adjustable fastenings (not limited by set positions) and put to use in clothing and medical products made of knitted textiles.