Sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische smarte Textilien

Mobile Electrical impedance tomography Smart textiles materials as the basis for new properties - shared lectures online

New material technology solutions were at the focus of the last SmartTex workshop in Weimar with about 50 participants. Experts from economy and science reported u.a. from textile electrodes, ultra-fine wire for wearables or medical applications as well as an innovative mobile textile "EIT system" that can measure lung function right at the scene of the accident.


Furthermore, a presentation presented current technologies in the recycling of building materials and a guided tour through the new technical center for building material recycling took place at the IAB - Institute for Applied Building Research, the venue of the SmartTex workshop.

workshop program
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Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019, 10 am - 3.20 pm

Venue: IAB - Institute for Applied Building Research Weimar gGmbH
Über der Nonnenwiese 1
99428 Weimar

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