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Flexible fibroussensors and actuators on polymers based on piezoelectric polymers

Aim of the project:

Development of flexible fibrous sensors and actuators based on piezoelectric polymers that

  • on the one hand, as an individual fibre, detect vibrations and
  • canon the other hand, in addition to its role as a sensor, also be usedin a textile composite made up of several fibres as an energy harvesting system.

The energy produced can then be used to send the sensor information, by wire or wirelessly, to an evaluation unit.In the case of energy harvesting with larger surface areas, such as metre lengths of knitwear, larger quantities of energy can be generated.

The electronic components developedcan then supply the electronic systems.

Using them as a sensor element is also a goal. Until recently piezo materials were brittle and could not be directly processed technically as a textile.

The development of flexible polymer fibres with piezoelectric effect means that their use in composite materials technology, mechanical engineering and, of course, in medical technology and in other technical areas is now possible.

The complex issues raised by fibre, the technology to process and use it and the electronics have resulted in a new and complex range of possibilities for many different technical applications.