funktionale Beschichtung, Forschung, Entwicklung, intelligente textile Produkte

Innovative flat knit that responds independently to surface pressure from a technical object or the weight of a human body part by fitting snugly to the object or enveloping the object fixing on it when worn

It is planned to develop a flat knit based on a new type of knitting technique combined with particular combinations of materials and an additional new warp and weft technique to be developed to integrate additional supporting thread structures. The aim of this is to develop flat knits that adapt their shape independently to the objects or body parts when worn, clinging to them or potentially even enveloping them, even though theyhave been produced as flat knitted surfacesby the knitting machine.The basis underlying this new type of pressure sensitive technology is the combination of new combinations of stitch formation, mixtures of materials and additional special techniques.In addition to which, a calculation system as yet unknown to knitting technology and a calculation programfor the finite elements method which is to be developed in the project will determine the necessary material and weave parameters. It is impossible to determine the many possible combinations of yarn and stitch for the intended use for a particular product idea without computer support. The products produced from this will be put to use in clothing, medicine and technology.