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Development of a new type of wound-healing system based on plasma technologies and the use of flat textile plasma electrodes for mobile and stationary use.

Plasma technology has been being developed and used to improve wound healing processes for acute and chronic wounds for some time.In it systems are used in which the wounds are treated by a plasma electrode that is either placed over the wound by hand or remains in a fixed position and the wound is introduced into the device or passed through it. In many cases it would be better to have a plasma electrode lying on the wound.In this project a plasma wound treatment system is now being developed that is based on flexible textile plasma electrodes. It is intended that mobile use of this system will also be possible for parts of the body that are difficult to access and for particularly large wounds.This means that the flexibility of the application components will place high demands on its safety in use.Furthermore, this technique must be able to cover both small and large wounds. The textile plasma electrodes must be able to be integrated into the construction of the wound dressing and must meet the safety requirements necessary in the field of medicine.