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COMPAMED MagazinITP, IPHT and THOREY collaborate to develop glove to support limited hand muscles

The principle of exoskeletons has caused quite a stir in the media. And rightly so, because it will enable paraplegic people, for example, to walk independently again. On a small scale, this was not yet possible or was a bulky affair. Now there is a textile-based solution to support the gripping function of hands:


Klaus Richter, project manager of the Smarttex network, managing director of ITP GmbH and coordinator of the joint project "Textile muscle - development of a glove to support finger strength with textile actuators" explained in an interview with COMPAMED magazine the state of development and how a special glove can be used to strengthen muscle function in such a way that people with health impairments can once again hold a book or a cup securely. You can read the interview here: