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uvex gesichtsschutzWork safety in the medical sector

The uvex safety group currently manufactures its safety spectacles around the clock, seven days a week. To provide protection against corona viruses, the company has now developed certified safety spectacles or full-vision spectacles made of polycarbonate for use in hospitals, doctors' surgeries or laboratories.

The new disposable face shield protects against drips and splashes and thus reduces the risk of droplet infection. The protective screen is made of PET and has a non-fogging coating on the inside.

"Sprayed visors have long been part of uvex safety's product portfolio," explains Dr. Marco Wacker, head of the Eyewear and Head division. "In order to also cover the light face protection segment, we have now designed a disposable face protection within a few weeks that is precisely tailored to current requirements, can be produced quickly in large quantities and, as a complementary product, fits very well into the rest of the eye protection range".

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