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Gesichtsmaske Anke Hammer

Knitted face mask - reusable and coloured with medical dye

Peterseim Strickwaren is with the brand "Georg Meier" rather known for noble knitwear fashion. Now the company has responded to the great demand for face masks and developed a makeshift mask that is intended to help reduce the spread of droplet infection.

The masks are easy to handle thanks to elastic knitted straps. The mask fabric is made of 100% polyester and dyed with medical dye, which is washable at 95°C. Compared to cotton, it has the great advantage that it is hydrophilic and therefore does not absorb respiratory moisture. This allows longer wearing and is much more hygienic. The fabric used is therefore only available in the illustrated colour TURKIS.

pdfFlyer_Behelfsmaske_Peterseim.pdf140.54 KB - in German


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