Sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische smarte Textilien


Conferences, workshops, seminars and matchmaking from 13.9. - 15.10.2021

Our Smart Textiles workshop on September 30 will take place as part of the Thuringia Cross-Cluster Weeks 2021. You can also participate in these events, which will take place in Erfurt, Jena, Heiligenstadt and Weimar and partly online. You can register here for the Accompanying Matchmaking, download the program of the Cross-Cluster Weeks and the Opening Event in Erfurt on Sept. 13, 12:00 - 17:15:

pdfProgram Cross-Cluster Weeks in German.pdf1.49 MB

pdfProgram Opening Event in German_6._IID.pdf2.20 MB

International matchmaking platform for new business contacts - registration is now open!

Who is interested in joint projects and foreign cooperation? Then register here: Online Cross-Cluster-Matchmaking Event - Info (

The EEN will also target participants from the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, UK, Serbia, Czech Republic, Belgium and Ukraine for the online platform. The more innovative companies from Thuringia participate, the more attractive matchmaking will be for others. That's why you should register quickly. When registering, the "Marketplace entry" is particularly important. This is the only way for Thuringian companies to be found specifically and to search for contacts or arrange meetings themselves.

If necessary, Ms. Henniger from EEN will support you in this process:

Marina Henniger
Stiftung für Technologie, Innovation und Forschung Thüringen (STIFT)
Internationale Projekte I Enterprise Europe Network
Tel.: +49 361 7892314
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