Sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische smarte Textilien

Smarttex HandschuhMultifunctionality as a characteristic of new Smart Textiles

At 18th October 2018 was the next SmartTex workshop in Weimar. The central theme was the variety of functions. Technical textiles are today high-tech products. Earlier were cooling or sensory functions already innovative in themselves, can now multiple added benefits integrated into only one textile-based product.

This will be demonstrated at the workshop. Experts from business and scienceby presents her projects, developments and R & D results.

Following projects are presented, among others:

  • Textile solutions for hand rehabilitation
  • Textile-pneumatic systems with integrated sensors
  • Surface systems with IR reflection coating for improved air conditioning in clothing
  • Adiabatic cooling systems for high temperature protective clothing


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Meeting program on 18th October 2018 » 
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  • Vortrag-Kristian-Gohlke,-Bauhaus-Universität-Weimar-01
  • Vortrag-Robert-Wedermann,-HTWK-Leipzig-01
  • Vortrag-Gudrun-Andrä,-Leibniz-IPHT-Jena-02
  • Vortrag-Prof.-Dr.-Klaus-Heinemann,-TITK-e.V.-02