Sensorische, aktorische, pneumatische smarte Textilien


New areas of industry usingsmart textiles:
How smart materials and products are opening up new markets and inspiring different sectors

On 3 December 2014, more than 70 representatives from business, research and politics took part in thesymposiumto be given a highly practical review of the many uses of smart textiles. The speakers’ presentations can now be downloaded.

The use of plasma electrodes in textiles, wireless power transfer in smart textiles,printed battery systems and technical sensors and actuators – as always, the SmartTex symposium in Weimar supplied at first hand the latest national and international research findings and reports of experience in industry.

One notable feature of the symposium was the projection of the exhibits onto a screen. This live display, still clearly visible from the very back rows, allowed the speakers to display the developments and prototypes they had brought with them, further enlivening their lectures.

Lecture topics:

  • Technical functionalities that can be printed on textile substrates and thread structures using the example of a battery.
  • Wireless power transfer using textile antenna systems in smart textile applications
  • Textile-based plasma sources for wound care
  • Strain and pressure sensors onthe basis of carbon nanotubes/polymer composites on flexible substrates
  • Examples of product development in smart textiles
  • Network interaction between industry and university – the basis for the successful marketability of smart textiles

Programm to download:  pdfProgramm_03_12_2014.pdf164.04 KB
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  • Netzwerkneuigkeiten und Ausblick auf 2015
  • Live-Präsentation eines Sensors
  • Vortrag von Herrn Prof. Baumann - Fraunhofer-Institut ENAS, Chemnitz
  • Vortrag von Herrn Prof. Brinks - Saxion Universität Enschede (NL)