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Thuringian networks launch cross-industry initiative

Pooling the needs of companies, finding solutions to stabilize them and, as a contact for policymakers, developing needs-based measures - that's the goal of the 19 Thuringian networks and organizations that have joined forces across all sectors to form the Thuringia Cross-Cluster Initiative (CCIT).

Erfurt  4. April 2020: 

The coronavirus poses major challenges for the entire economy. The networks compile the comprehensive information and support options for companies in Thuringia and publish them on the central platform The initiative also aims to help pool companies' needs and work with regional value-added networks to find ways to stabilize production.

Where and how do companies receive support during the Corona crisis and what formalities must be observed when applying for funding? Many Thuringian companies currently find themselves confronted with questions like these as the flood of information grows daily. That's why the newly founded Thuringia Cross-Cluster Initiative is designed to provide a central source of information for the predominantly small and medium-sized companies in the Free State. The association of currently 19 Thuringian networks and organizations aims to relieve companies that have neither a high level of equity capital nor the human resources to do extensive research on funding opportunities in addition to finding answers to the economic crisis. The initiative's first step in remedying this situation is to provide an overview of the institutions that provide funding, their requirements and criteria on its online platform.

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